Coloured Lenses Terms & Conditions

  1. Awards program open to UAE and KSA residents only
  2. Awards program to be honoured within the first 3 months of the official launch of Hopi
  3. Official launch date of Hopi to be confirmed
  4. All email referrals must be based in UAE & KSA to be eligible
  5. Awards offer cannot be redeemed against any other offer run by Hopi
  6. Hopi lenses or rewards / awards cannot be sold to a 3rd party or transferred
  7. Hopi lenses cannot be redeemed or sold for cash or any other form of commodity
  8. By signing up for the rewards program you automatically agree to these terms and conditions
  9. Postage and packaging fees are not included in this offer. For delivery of awards / lenses they will be subject to the following rates. UAE US$5 and KSA US$10. Postage and packaging shall be paid in advance
  10. Hopi reserve the right to withhold campaign awards should the participant refuse to pay for postage and packaging