After the rather unexpected success of our pre-launch campaign, we embarked on a whirlwind, 36 hour round trip to our factory in Taiwan. From the outset we were committed to quality and we would never launch a product without conducting thorough due diligence. Although our aim was to introduce premium lenses, at an affordable price, into the region, we knew we could not cut any corners when it came to product quality. 

In late April, we packed our bags and jumped on a plane in our quest to bring hopi to life. It was our first time in Taiwan and to say we were blown away was an understatement. If you don’t know, Taiwan is a manufacturing hub that hustles & bustles long into the early hours of the morning. Textiles, electronics, toys, pharmaceuticals and contact lenses. You name it, they probably make it.

Upon arriving at the Pegavision factory, a subsidiary of Pegatron, we were instantly taken aback by the sheer scale of the operation. After conducting the usual and very hospitable cultural traditions with our hosts, we got down to business, inspecting the manufacturing process.

To say we were blown away was an understatement, your prescription daily contact lenses go through a process, that is without a doubt, one of the most efficient, technical and professional, that we have ever encountered!

Pegavision has an R&D division comprising of over 300 members of staff, many educated to an obscenely high level. The manufacturing lab is a behemoth, over 5000 square meters of industrial equipment in one of the cleanest and most organised labs we’ve encountered.

So much so, that the FDA, upon inspection, awarded the lab a 100% pass with no comments. One of a very few companies to achieve such a merit. However, the most important thing for us, as sticklers for quality and making sure we have the very best product available, is the quality control process.

I know what you may be thinking, “cheaper lenses, therefore, lower quality.” Honestly, that couldn’t be further from the case.

Rest assured, every single one of your lenses (yes each and every one) will be subjected to one of the most conclusive QC (quality control) processes we’ve ever heard of. Pegavision has created a process called Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) meaning that your lenses never touch the hands of a human. The process is completely automated and from the start of manufacturing to the end, each individual lens goes through 8 Rounds of AOI. Meaning that each lens has to be inspected and approved 8 times before they are approved. The factory produces 400 million lenses every month. In 2020, they’ll ramp that up to 1.3billion lenses a month. Phenomenal!


This is mind-boggling. Upon knowing this, we instantly were won over that we really are working with the best in the business. Consequently, we left Taiwan after our marathon journey feeling 100% confident that you, our customers, will be receiving the highest quality lenses possible.

We already had the ISO, FDA and EU Approval certificates for the product, but seeing exactly how they are made, where they are made, who makes them and the cleanliness and quality of the manufacturing process, we know we have an excellent partner in Pegavision. As we speak, we’re finalizing our local approvals with Ministry of Health, but we’ll save that for another blog.


Aside from that, we got to experience some amazing hospitality from our Taiwanese hosts…. Save for Kristian being fooled into trying a “local delicacy” which can only be described as cat food / congealed, regurgitated meat covered in jelly and served cold. Never again, the thought still makes us gag, saying that, if this was the worst part of the trip, eating free food, then it couldn’t have been too bad.

We’re really looking forward to going back again once our shipment is ready to go, which should be soon. More importantly, we can’t wait to get our lenses in your eyes.

Kristian & Charles


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