Hopi Contacts

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Great product, great service.

Takes the hassle and expense out of buying contact lenses in Dubai. Will use Hopi for as long as I need lenses.

Haven’t received them yet

Haven’t received them yet


Its so comfortable, its a good quality and the price is good

I can see!

Excellent, comfortable, quality lenses for an amazing price.

Great service and pricing!

Hopi Contact Lenses

I do wear contact lenses for many hours during the day and must admit that I was happy with the product I purchased.
Also, you can count on quick responses from their Customer Service team.
I do recommend it for those who wear contact lenses on a daily basis.

Zero Dryness! Very happy

I’m so impressed with your contacts, they’re the only brand I can wear all day with zero dryness- one very happy customer! Not only that, the price is great too! Keep up the good work!

Great lenses and top service!

Lenses perform just as well, if not better than all other brands I've worn. The delivery process and communication from the Hopi team has been excellent thus far.


Really like contacts! I have dry eyes and lenses usually take long to sit in my eyes or fall out after a few hours. These stYed in for a good period of time. Thank you!

Hopi Daily Lenses (30 Lenses)

Great lenses!

Really easy to order and perfect fit. Great daily lenses and amazing customer service!

Great Contacts and Great Service

These contacts are super comfortable and the delivery process is so easy. I had contact with customer service through e-mail and Instagram to ask questions before buying and they were super helpful and responsive on both platforms. Thanks!

Hopi Contact Lenses

Extremely comfortable.

It dries out towards the end of the day

Hopi Daily Lenses (30 Lenses)

Too watery for my taste

Lenses were great, but I personally can’t stand lenses that are too watery, they keep shifting in my eyes.

its good

nice contacts

Hopi Daily Lenses (30 Lenses)


I’ve never used contacts before. I’m so impressed by how these contacts performed - it’s light, easy to put and very affordable!

Hopi Daily Lenses (30 Lenses)

Hopi Daily Lenses (30 Lenses)

Game-Changer! 🙌🏻

Highly recommended to all my friends&family. Perfect for long time use, doesn't strain when looking at my phone, tv, laptop. They’re super comfy, non-drying and super breathable. I used to use Acuvue dailies (I’ve tried them all) and they used to give me headaches after a few hours and I would have to remove them and put on a new pair but with my Hopi’s, I always carry a spare and I’ve never had to change them. Also perfect for using them in the plane because their oxygen intake doesn’t dry out the lenses. I’m never going back to other lenses.

Very comfy lenses

Hopilessly in Love

Imagine: A view so moist, with zero irritation, full technicolour visibility, maximum comfort and at 10th of the price of your regular views. Now stop, because all this is real. Hopi Contacts: Hopilessly in Love. - Kunal Bilakhia

Great quality, convenient and affordable!

The lenses are excellent quality and comfortable for daily use. No need to remember to stock up when they arrive straight to your door for a great price.