Hopi Contacts

contact lenses done differently

We’re wildly different to other daily contact lens brands

Our lenses are affordable

We’ve cut out the middleman, allowing us to ship to you without crazy, unnecessary margins

We're all about convenience

Our subscription service means you don't have to keep coming back each month to place an order

We care about you

We’ll make sure you never run out of lenses again. We’ll also ensure you keep good care of your eyes

Life, Made Easy

We get it, we’ve been there. Monday morning before a big meeting & you’ve only got one lens left. You’re stuck with a choice. Wear those old, tatty glasses to the meeting or be late because you need to go pick some lenses up on the way. Either way, it’s going to effect your mojo!

It sucks. That’s why we started hopi, we’ll make sure you’re not caught short. Couple of clicks & you’ll never have to worry about running out of lenses ever again!

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Don’t believe us? Here it from some of our amazing community

Right down to the amount of solution in each pack, Hopi is so focused on the small details. I’ve been so impressed with the lenses and the service, I won’t be changing any time soon

– Becky, Dubai

Hopi is great, they make buying lenses so much easier. I literally entered my prescription & every month they send me my lenses for the month. The lenses are so comfortable too

– Jasmine, Dubai

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