The last daily contact lenses
you will ever need to buy

Premium vision, without
the price tag

delivered direct
to your door

Super moist,
UV Protected,
Comfy AF

Great Quality daily contact lenses

Designed to keep your eyes fresh, your wallet full and your bathroom shelf looking fly

Ditch those glasses
and do more of what you love


Keep It Fresh

No More Dry Eye- Do more for longer without worrying about your eyes drying out. Work all day, party all night with our super moist lens

Enjoy The Outdoors

Serious UV Protection: Long walks, working outdoors, or chilling at the beach, our lenses are designed to keep your eyes protected

Designed For Sports

Get Active - Smash those PB's, dominate that hot yoga class or crush that wave without ever feeling or worrying about your lenses

We believe in
value for money

We were so tired of being ripped off when buying contact lenses, that we decided to do something about it. We wanted to create a conctact lens brand that was designed around your lifestyle and became a lifestyle choice, not a boring medicinal one! 


It’s not just us who flex about our lenses

Based on 150 + reviews

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