We do top-quality lenses better, faster, and at
the most fair prices compared to anyone else

You know the feeling: the annoying pit in your stomach when you realize you’re out of contact lenses — and you can’t get to the store to restock before you need them. Or worse: you get to the store and can only find some overpriced emergency lenses, but they’re dry, painful, and distracting.

Not with Hopi. We’ve disrupted the contact lens industry to bring the highest-quality comfort lenses to your doorstep overnight, at 40% less than leading brands.


Why Higher Price Doesn’t Mean
Higher Quality

Here’s what you’re really paying for with big-name brands


Cost per


No distribution

subscription options



90 AED

Acuvue Moist

165 AED


220 AED


197 AED

Bausch & Lomb

148 AED


98 AED

Air Optix

142 AED

It’s 2021: You Just Don’t Have The
Time For Traditional “Solutions”

See how Hopi’s next-generation convenience and comfort
are ending eyesight woes for good

Hopi Ultra-comfortable & ships free Freedom x2: perfect for active & busy lifestyles Mask-friendly, won’t dry out (AC-proof!)
Glasses Easy to lose/leave at home Limits your activities Two words: mask fog
Traditional Lenses Overpriced & inconvenient Requires store trips to restock Dry out in AC & hot weather

Pssst. Want to Know a
Secret About Our Lenses?

Our lens specifications (water content, lens curve, UV protection, breathability) are exactly the same as the leading lens brands. We’re not kidding: Hopi daily contact lenses are exactly the same down to the smallest detail.

In other words, Hopi lenses feel & wear exactly like the most comfortable contacts you know.

Our biggest difference? We’re nearly half the price and twice as easy. Oh, and we put our customers first - so you’ll never be stuck in an endless loop of trying to get a hold of a real human or get a solution to your problem.


Are You Ready For The Totally Seamless Lens Solution You Can Set & Forget?


Get Hopi Lenses!

Data has been collected between the 15th and 21st of April 2021.

We can not guarantee that the content of any statistic on this page is 100% unbiased. Our Team did their best to compare all retailers fairly with a set of standard metrics such as material, quality, design and functionality (e.g. comparing lenses with similar water content and oxygen permeability).