Eye-Care Tips For Summer in the UAE

That’s right, it was 45 degrees yesterday in Dubai. Summer has well and truly set in! It looks like most of us will be staying put, in the UAE, all summer long. So we thought we’d compile a list of tips to keep your eyes in top condition during the summer months! From severe UV exposure to relentless AC all day long, there are plenty of eye-health danger zones you could find yourself in this summer. Let’s make sure you’re boat party ready with these top tips:

  1. Ensure your lenses have good UV protection. Look out for UVA & UVB options, our Hopi daily lenses have class 2 classification and block 70% UVA & 95% UVB rays. Watch out - some lenses have zero UV protection whatsoever, so be careful!
  2. Make sure your lenses have optimum moisture content as you don’t want your eyes to dehydrate, especially in the severe summer here in the UAE! Our daily lenses have 58% water content to keep your eyes fresh all day long
  3. Air Conditioning is a necessity to survive the summer but sadly can dry out your eyes! We advise you to get some fresh air throughout the day to keep those eyes in tip top condition!
  4. Ladies (and gents too), it’s essential you remove your makeup before you sleep! It can cause eye infections and irritations. It also goes without saying, to make sure you remove your lenses before sleeping! Fresh pair daily! Lenses will dehydrate overnight and be difficult to remove in the morning
  5. We would also advise you not to swim in your lenses unless you’re wearing goggles. Do Balenciaga do swimming goggles yet? Surfing, paddling is all good, we just don’t advise you swimming for long periods with your lenses in without goggles! If you're swimming or surfing, don't be afraid to carry a spare pair of lenses in your bag. We do great bulk offers so you will have plenty spare

Right - you’re all set! If you need any more information about our lenses, check them out here. Stay safe & look after those eyes, you’ve only got two of them! If you'd like to try our daily contact lenses, select your prescription and make the switch today

See you at the beach!