The health benefits of our daily contact lenses!

Our daily disposable contact lenses are the most hygienic and healthiest choice of lenses for your eyes. Daily lenses are very different to reusable lenses which you take out and put into a solution every night to wear again.

There are many reasons why people like daily disposable contact lenses. Here are some of the advantages to these contacts:

  • Convenience: Because you throw away your contacts each day, you do not need to buy contact cleaning solutions. You also spend no time cleaning or disinfecting your contacts
  • Ease of adjustment: Even new contact wearers adjust to daily contact lenses quickly and easily
  • No worries: Most contacts tear or get lost during the cleaning process. Without a cleaning process to consider, this problem goes away
  • No build-up: When a contact is reused, there is a chance for build-up. This build-up affects vision, breaks down contacts, and causes eye infections. Build-up can also be responsible for eye allergy symptoms
  • No schedules: Forget the calendar! You never have to remember when to put in a new pair of contacts. Simply use a fresh pair every day!
  • Great for children and teens: Younger contact wearers do not always follow the correct contact cleaning schedule. With daily contact lenses, this is not a problem

The alternative to daily lenses, are lenses that are designed for multiple use, such as bi-weekly and monthly lenses. The tend to gather more calcium, lipids and protein on them through your tears over time. This leads to the lenses gathering more bacteria and causing more discomfort on your eyes as well as the potential for infection. With our daily lenses, you can avoid this build up as a new set of lenses each day will make sure that your eyes are getting the best treatment.

Think of it as socks or underpants, isn’t it super important to change those everyday? Imagine having to re-wear those items, yuck!

We recommend that in order to keep great care of your eyes, you should visit your doctor regularly and when possible, where daily disposable contact lenses.

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