We started hopi to save you money

without compromising on quality
Stop giving the bully your lunch money

Big Pharma has been controlling the contact lens market for decades. Profiteering from insane markups throughout the manufacturing, distribution and retail process.

This tired and antiquated model needed to be disrupted.  As consumers we were tired of overpaying for lenses and we knew that there had to be a better way of doing things.

That's why we decided to create Hopi.  We wanted to create high quality, affordable daily contact lenses that we could sell online and ship straight to your door!

The story of hopi

- - - - -

When founding Hopi we embarked on a year long search to find one of the best contact lens manufacturers in the world.  We tried and tested thousands of daily contact lenses from all over until we found the best manufacturer who could help us on our mission. Having found them, we worked tirelessly to create a premium lens that was comfortable with a high moisture content.

This is when Hopi was born. Going against the grain and disrupting the usual retail channels we chose to sell directly to you by selling our daily contact lenses online. No middle men, no greedy markups, just high quality daily contact lenses that are delivered directly to you for a great price. At Hopi, we want to revolutionize the way you buy your daily contact lenses.  

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About Our Team

- - - - -

Founded by Kristian Stinson and Charles Wright, we have assembled a team that focuses on creating a great product, producing exceptional customer service and always has the customer at the forefront of our mind, whilst focusing on creating the best daily contact lens in the market.

Our operations, marketing, sales, customer service, optical and management teams all believe in one mission. To deliver the best user experience there is for contact lens users without paying over the odds for your contact lenses.

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Being visually impaired is not a choice, nor is it a stigma that we should be burdened with. Hopi customers are visually empowered. It's time to throw out those white, sterile and medicinal contact lens boxes, it's time to make room for Hopi, join us in celebrating being part of a new movement! Join us in moving to the best daily contact lenses in the market.

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