Hopi lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses, that are not ridiculously expensive! Each lens is made from ultra-breathable etafilcon A with a water content of 58%

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The Benefits

Super Fine Edge Design
Designed for comfort, our lenses have a tapered smooth edge that enables low-foreign body sensation when blinking

Keeps Eyes Moist
Our lenses are made up of 58% water and have Multilayer Moisturising Hyaluronic Acid agents, allowing our wearers to enjoy maximum moisture and comfort all day long

UV Protection
Our lenses have got you covered. With a Class 2 classification they block 70% UVA and 95% UVB rays

High Optical Design Technology
Our aspheric lens design, which mimics the design of the eye’s cornea, offers outstanding HD vision

An oxygen transmissibility (DK/t) of 21 is needed in order to prevent any ocular changes to the eyes. Our lenses have a DK/t of 25, ensuring Hopi wearers get the oxygen they need

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How we stack up against the others

We're so confident about the quality of our lenses that we've stacked them up against some of the best in the market.