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Love Hopi!

I absolutely love Hopi lenses! As someone who constantly runs out of contact lenses, the subscription model makes everything so convenient. Love the packaging and delivery!

Excellent - all round!

SUPER happy with my lenses from HOPI - great product at a great price delivered unbelievably quickly and with exceptional customer service.

Awesome lenses

No tears, no tiredness, no dryness .. very comfortable

Best value for money lenses I’ve found

I really like them, and I love the packaging - it’s so quirky! They’re the best value for money lenses I’ve found and I’ll definitely reorder them

Lenses are great!

The lenses were great, I loved the packaging, they are comfortable and hardly noticeable. I canceled because I'd rather order every other month or so. The subscription isn't for me but the lenses sure are

Daily Lenses

I’ve been ordering daily contacts from here for the last few months and I can say confidently that they are the best daily use contacts I’ve ever used! Very comfortable, don’t dry out and very affordable.

Amazed and Love it!

From Super skeptical to try Hopi to now super amazed and satisfied with the comfort. Great Customer service. They understand what we require and are flexible for the subscription orders. Thank you Hopi , Good work!!!

Hopi Daily Lenses

loved it

its comfy and affordable

Always happy with Hopi

Great customer service and the contacts are soooooo comfortable I forget I even have them on!

it feels so comfortable than my previous contact lens i can wear up to 12 hours without discomfort! perf!

Very Comfy

This contacts is so comfortable to wear. I can wear them almost the whole day. It doesn’t irritate that much than the other branded contacts I have used. I hope in the future you can have colored lenses and with astigmatism. 😍

Hopi Daily Lenses

good product, even better customer service

when nowadays no one bothers to email back, Hopi does! and with correct & immediate action too.. unlike other big name brands Hopi contacts don't tear easily, and my eyes easily adjust to them. keep up the good work Hopi!


I’ve been struggling to find contacts in the UAE that work for me and I finally have! Hopi lenses are the best and most comfortable lenses I have ever worn. Thank you!

"Apple of my eye"

I ordered Hopi for the first time with a lot of doubts in mind as this was first time online purchase for contact lenses. However I was impressed with everything starting from the ease of ordering to the constant update on delivery and finally the delivery and packaging of the product.
And the words can describe the comfort to my eyes after wearing them.They have certainly become the apples of my eye.
Thanks Hopi for are incredible.

So much better than anything he tried before.

I got these for my husband because he wears contacts daily since years. It was a really amazing deal and so much cheaper than anything else I found. I was worried about the quality but my husband said they are so much more comfortable than any other contacts he's used before. Thank you hopi! Please keep it up!

Hopi Daily Lenses

Comfort, Quality, and Affordable

I've been using Hubble contacts for years now and I didn't realize how awful their lenses were until I tried Hopi. The difference is astronomical. Hubble contacts come in cheap packing, the lenses are thick and uncomfortable and by the end of the day, they dry out my eyes and I can't wait to remove them.
With Hopi, I forget that I am wearing contact lenses because they are THAT comfortable and they stay hydrated until I am ready to take them out at night.

Love them!

So many things I love about Hopi, here are reasons to purchase it:
- Keeps moist and doesn’t dry out eyes.
- Excellent customer service. Very quick to respond via email and absolutely friendly.
- Prices and offers are really affordable.
- Delivers very fast.

Thanks Hopi team!

Best Contact Lenses Ever!

Thank you hopi for a very comfortable contact lenses..I can now wear contact lenses daily without irritaring my eyes!

As if its not there!

What is good about Hopi lenses is that you didn't realize you actually wearing one...very comfortable despite I have mistakenly ordered a lower power...

awesome customer support and good quality

Good quality lenses, never feeling dry and feels very light.
Must acknowledge is the customer support and quick response in mails to enquiries.

Great lenses

I thought finding an affordable daily lenses was impossible but Hopi proved otherwise. The quality was great; it feels like I was not wearing anything

Hopi Daily Lenses