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Great price, great product.

There were no delays on the shipment and the lenses are very comfortable.

Excellent so far

I received my Hopi lenses by post. They have been excellent so far


The lenses are top quality, making the change from a very well known brand was my main concern - no issues whatsoever and so glad I made the change - reliable, personal and convenient service - not to mention cost effective

Very soft and comfortable I will day

I wasn’t expecting such a nice quality.
It’s my first time online order but I found it really comfortable , soft and flexible that I can recommend to my friends

Easy to use and a comfortable fit

Arrived promptly, and super easy to use, i'm happy with my prescription

Very good quality contact lense

The contacts were very comfortable and great price point however I found it difficult to contact the team. I also received one contact that was damaged. Nevertheless I would re purchase the subscription as it was a great service all around.

Super comfy

5 star

Effortless ordering, good quality, great delivery, even the packaging is good!

Hopi Daily Lenses

Premium quality lenses

Very pleased with my lenses. Premium quality without the price tag indeed!

Hopi Daily Lenses

Love it

Absolutely love them. I have been wearing Air Optix for many years and I honestly can said I love HOPI

Best contact lenses I’ve used. Forget that they in my eyes!:)

Good but not great

These contact lenses are comfortable enough, if you can manage to keep them in place.
The price is reasonable enough, the service is good, the website is lacking, and aramex as a delivery service is not so great.
I initially liked these contacts but since day one I have found it difficult to keep them in place and I originally thought this was due to my eyes being dryer than usual but it turns out that it's not the case and for some reason these contacts keep on popping out of my eyes midday while I'm driving or doing other mundane things.
I gave them about 3 months but unfortunately things have not improved.


Great lens so soft

The best lenses

Affordable and fantastic! I used Acuvue Moist lenses for years and paid a fortune. I’be used hopi for about 7 months now and the lenses are the best I’ve used and I save around 100 dirhams a month! Customer for life!

Hopi Daily Lenses


I messed up my order and ended up with completely the wrong prescription for one eye - totally my fault yet the Hopi team went out of their way to fix it for me and got the contacts I actually needed in super quick time. I’m an infrequent wearer of lenses, maybe once a week at most and in the past I’ve found my eyes to be dry in a v short space of time but I’ve been delighted with the Hopi lenses. Zero issues! Will definitely reorder more when I need them

3 Month Supply


Again a wow, though it is a under statement still I got no other word to expreas my fanship

Practical and effective

Love them and they are so affordable

Subscription cancellation

Your product works well but the way your subscription and charges work confuses me.


i cant even feel them theyre that good