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Awesome contact lenses.

I'm a contact lenses user for so many years, and when I tried Hopi I am surprised with it's soft, non-irritating, non-drying and so comfortable contact lens I've ever used. Another best thing is their sò accomodating friendly service. They are willing to help you with the product ordering problem. Big thanks to Charles Wright & Hopi team for a great costumer service! Very much happy with the updated fast and easy product purchase. 💯👍

Hopi Daily Lenses
Rona May Barcarse
Topnotch Customer Service

Aside from good-quality lenses that come with affordable price and convenience, I have nothing but praises for their topnotch customer service. Appreciate Charles for giving an instant solution to a delayed shipment.

Hopi Daily Lenses
Brian Cunningham
Five Stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have been using Hopi Lenses for a year now and compared to other well known brands I find their lenses to be comfortable, durable and consistent.

I have a slight astigmatism in one eye and that generally causes issues for me. But Hopi Lenses are perfect for my needs.

ps - their customer service is excellent too!!

Hopi Daily Lenses
Alexandra Gillespie
Amazing service and most comfortable lenses

The best and most comfortable lenses I’ve ever worn and the customer service is exceptional. I can not recommend Hopi enough.

Hopi Daily Lenses
sabeena ali
Love hopi

So comfortable! Customer service is amazing!

Hopi Daily Lenses
Katie Slack
Super speedy delivery, professional and good quality!

Super speedy delivery, professional and good quality!

Hopi Daily Lenses
Louis Wixon
Don't look anywhere else! (If you'll pardon the pun).

Charlie and the team have been fantastic over the last year. The lenses themselves are high quality, consistently accurate and just as comfortable as the considerably more expensive alternatives in the UAE. The subscription feature ensures you never run out and the pricing structures are super reasonable.

Hopi Daily Lenses
Sarah Davis
Awesome customer service when it goes wrong

Love these lenses and the ease of delivery. Big thank you to the Hopi team even though I’ve had some problems with my orders they can’t do enough to help and rectify. Charles has been awesome. I hope the move to the new facility is working out.

Hopi Daily Lenses
Zeba Ahmed
Amazing product.. and supply chain

Clean , crisp vision everyday. My power changed slightly and the team at BeHopi packaged the new shipment precisely as per my instructions. Thanks team !

Hopi Daily Lenses
Layla-Rose Steer
Amazing Service

I realised that my contact lenses were not delivered and I was about to run out! Emailed Hopi and got a response right away from Charlie. One day later and a plan was made for me to have contact lenses to last me until the shipment arrives. I am so impressed and so grateful for the excellent service received. As I said to Charlie, I would not use any other contact lenses!:):)

Hopi Daily Lenses
Grace Glass
Amazing customer service!

After realising I was going to be without contact lenses over Eid - Charles quickly came to the rescue! These lenses are fab quality with a great pricing and subscription structure.

Hopi Daily Lenses
Valerie Dominguez
Absolutely the BEST!

The best lenses I've ever tried! They're very comfortable and easy to wear. I even got my mum to try Hopi too, and she also loved it!! Not only that the lenses are good but also their customer service is the best! I would recommend it to my other friends too cause I'm pretty confident they won't regret it! :)

Hopi Daily Lenses
Sanira Nurekeshova
Just awesome!

The best customer service so far along with awesome quality of the lenses! I have very hectic work hours especially during business trips but Hopi quality is just outstanding for long hours! Works well during hot weather hiking activities as well!!!

Hopi Daily Lenses
Ryan Watts

Took me a year to get through my old brand which wasn’t very good but HOPI are just awesome.
The contact lenses last me all day and afternoon.
I had them in the other day for 11 hours and didn’t effect my eyes at all.
Dubai heat, changing from humidity to AC and my eyes still felt great.
From their customer services (which is amazing), to delivering on time, to popping them in. It’s all hassle free and a pleasure to use a company who has got it all right.


Hopi Daily Lenses
Fiona King
Comfy lenses and great service

So glad I discovered Hopi. They made it very easy to subscribe and at such good price. Love that every month my lenses get delivered without me thinking about it.
Also my eyes can get quite dry but Hopi lenses are still very comfortable and I don’t notice that am wearing them. Definitely recommend them!!

Hopi Daily Lenses
Tom Coleman
Best Contacts around

After trying numerous types of lenses over the past ten years , Hopi daily contacts are by far the easiest and most durable I have ever used. Compared to problems with JNJ or focus daily’s, I have not had any issues over the past two months or using them . Fantastic price for a superb product. Top 👌🏼

Hopi Daily Lenses
Just like home!

I've worn contact lenses since I was 13 and always had specsavers lenses, and had been bringing back insane amounts with me each time :)
I now use Hopi and can confirm they are just the same! They are great, quick delivery, personal interaction, great job!!!
And now more space in my suitcase...... ;)

Best contact lenses I’ve ever used

I’m so happy that I found Hopi. They are so comfortable compared to other brands. Much cheaper and I love that they gets delivered every month so that I don’t have to think about it. Customer service is great! They respond after just a few minutes and you can change delivery dates, prescription etc. I’m so happy I found them.

Hopi Daily Lenses
konstantinos Vasakos
Awesome customer care -awesome product.

I am part of this family more than 6 months , and every month I find my contacts on my step door. 😎👌🏻👌🏻.Even with corona had a small delay and they went to next level to substitute the current month that I ran out with one from local market . Quality: I am happy they are not slippery like other brands or lose them inside my eyes plus UV protection that much needed in Dubai . No any negative just the website can be more user friendly or why not (you think outside the box anyway ) an app for easy order and changes .

Hopi Daily Lenses
Kirsty McIntyre
Great lenses and great customer service

I've struggled in the past to find lenses that don't dry my eyes and that aren't insanely expensive. I was skeptical about Hopi but have had zero issues. No dryness or itchiness, the lenses are really comfortable to wear. I've been using them for about 5 months now. Also, when I made a mistake with my order the customer service team sorted it out right away. Would definitely recommend!

Hopi Daily Lenses
Moza Ahmed

1 Month Supply

Hopi Daily Lenses
Emily White
Great Lenses - Great Service

I really enjoy Hopi as a brand - from their customer service to their image of marketing and of course the product is amazing.
the lenses are really comfortable, I changed my address twice and they were more than happy to change the address and did it very quickly so that we didn't encounter logistic issues. Charlie is great and very friendly, feels like your speaking to a person not a robot. Thank you Hopi Team. =D

Hopi Daily Lenses
Marah Shamir Castro

I have been using Hopi for more than a year now and never felt so comfortable with lenses all day, plus the UAE weather. I have never experienced dryness or irritation on my eyes, fits on my eyes so easily and delivers right on time! The service is amazing! Shout out to Charlie for ensuring my lenses arrives on time. Thank you, Hopi Team! you are awesome!

Great service, Great lenses, Great price

I first thought that a mail order contact lense subscription service in a place where there is no formal door to door mail service was ambitious and I didnt expect it to last. But after I recieved my first order it was obvious it was going to work. We always recieve our lenses on time, even in the crazy world we now live in. Lenses are great and price is even better. I have and will always recomend Hopi to anyone who wears contact lenses. Keep it up and thanks

Hopi Daily Lenses
Amanda Goddard
Great service

So happy with these lens, so easy to get in touch with the supplier to place your order, over all very happy.