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What our customers are saying

Emma Stinson

PAs an Interior Architect I am constantly either staring at my screen or on busy sites, it's been difficult to find a contact lens brand that keeps my eyes hydrated all day long, that is until I found Hopi. The lenses are brilliant and I love knowing that with the subscription model I will never run out of lenses. Like most of you, I was hesitant to switch to a new brand of lenses, but thanks to Hopi's great introductory offer, I thought I would give it a go, I am so glad I did, great product, fantastic customer service and a very happy customer

Yahya Kabbara

Very high quality Lenses! light on the eye, solution does not burn, and since I suffer from dry, eye hopi lenses were perfect!! Highly recommended! Price, Value and great Customer service!

Tres Stone

"I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first batch of Hopi Contacts to try out.
The packaging is sexy but classy, way ahead of its competitors in the market right now. A personal hand written note it a nice added touch for the customers. I suffer with dry eyes so i needed these bad boys to be moist for more than 12 hours, which they were..no irritation either WINNING. They're affordable and the delivery is efficient I highly recommend trying these dailies out!"

Nick Blair

"Cost half the price of the alterative options I've found in Dubai, get delivered to my office so I never run out - and I wear them for 17 hours a day. Epic work Hopi!"

Emma Jayne Macbeth

"The lenses are so comfy! I really struggle with dry eye and have tried so many lenses in the past. These are by far the best! Great customer services too - have recommended you guys to all my friends.....thank you"

Arnee Regis-Quitaleg

"Lenses are of great quality, does not irritate or dry out even when used for 10+hours. Delivery is fast and costumer service is efficient. Subscription terms are very flexible as well. Great job guys"