5 Reasons To Try Hopi

Right, we get it. You’re probably thinking who are these guys and why should I buy their contact lenses?

We’re the new guys on the block and we’re doing things differently. We deliver premium daily contact lenses at an affordable price via a flexible subscription plan that you’re in control of. Save money, always have lenses, you’re in charge.

Here are five reasons why we think you should switch to Hopi.


1.  We’re rooting for you

You’re busy and the last thing you need is the hassle of buying contact lenses. You deserve the best, so we’re bringing you high quality lenses with a stress free, simple service. By cutting out the middleman, we deliver your lenses direct from the factory, straight to your door. Three simple steps, and you can never worry about having to set a reminder to buy lenses on your phone, ever again!


2.  No more boring white boxes

Yep, you guessed it, we’re colourful AF. Contact lenses don’t need to be so dull and medicinal. We want to inject as much colour and fun into your day as possible. Start your day with Hopi, start your day right


3. Only the best will do

You deserve the best and daily lenses are the most hygienic option for your eyes. Reusable lenses can easily be contaminated, but we’re championing daily disposable lenses. Our lenses have optimum moisture content and the super fine edge design will ensure you’ve got a smile on your face, every time you leave home


4. Saving you some money

The lenses industry is in the dark ages, with an outdated distribution strategy. Our lenses are the same quality you’re used to, but at a fraction of the price. By selling direct from the manufacturer & simplifying the complex distribution strategy, we can pass on the savings to you. See how our lenses compare to other leading brands on the market


5.  Set & Forget

We’ve all been there, with only one lens left - it’s just not cool. Our subscription service allows you to set & forget. Couple of clicks and you’ll never need to worry about running out again. Not only that, we’ve not made it a nightmare to cancel, you cancel anytime and change the frequency of deliveries too. You’re in charge!


Why not give us a try today, get your first month for just AED 100!

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