Introducing Our New 5 Dirham Trial

You read it right. We're launching a 5 dirham trial!!!!

We've been inundated since we launched with people asking if they could try a few pairs before committing to our monthly subscription. Every time, we've had to say no. Now, things are different!!

We're scrapping our old 30 day trial for AED 100 and introducing our our new 5 day trial, just cover AED 5 dirham for shipping. Essentially, once you've signed up, we'll ship out our starter box, which will have 5 pairs of lenses inside. After 6 days, your subscription will start properly and we'll send you a 2 boxes of 30 lenses each and every month. Don't forget, you can pause or cancel at anytime before the next billing date. After the first box, your subscription frequency will be every 28 days. 

If our lenses are not for you, then you can cancel within 5 days of purchasing the trial by sending us an email at 

Are you ready to try our daily contact lenses for just AED 5??

What are you waiting for....get my 5 day trial